Childhood Trauma Counselling

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Childhood Trauma Counselling in Kitsilano

We’re experienced childhood trauma counsellors in Kitsilano using leading methods that can help you heal from troubling or disturbing childhood experiences….

Childhood trauma is any experience that is very frightening or dangerous. The impact of trauma can be immediate, causing significant distress and behavioral changes, but it can also be long-lasting.

Adults who experienced trauma as children are at a greater risk for a number of physical health conditions and mental illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

Childhood trauma is significant because of how it impacts our lives later as adults. You can see the impact on some people with intimate relationships, relationships with friends, work, money, food, or themselves to name a few. Childhood trauma impacts how we experience the world.

Emotional trauma from childhood neglect

The primary needs of a child are for love, safety and protection. If these needs are unmet, or worse violated, the consequences can be traumatic and last a lifetime.

Childhood trauma can have a lifelong effect. And while kids are resilient, they’re not made of stone.

Simply put, traumatic experiences make it difficult to become who we are fully capable of becoming.

Without childhood trauma counselling, there are many adverse effects that an individual can experience in their adult life. Many adults experience some form of mental health disorder, such as anxiety, panic disorder, or PTSD. 

Common symptoms of Trauma

If any of this sounds familiar to you and you are tired of living in this seemingly endless cycle, you deserve to have the closure and freedom that you want.

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Through the use of a gentle, neuroplastic approach called Lifespan Integration (LI) we can help to free you from the suffering that PTSD and/or developmental trauma inflicts. Lifespan Integration helps people to feel less anxious, have fewer flashbacks, and feel more resilient. It promotes an integration of memories which helps your brain to heal itself.

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